Purse Security System: Great Idea?

On the page of the patent itself, it reads:

If a thief you wish to become,
Use a knife instead of a gun,
For stealing a purse,
Is about to get worse,
Besides the bag you'll need a thumb.



Dating back to 2005, the Container Security System can’t prevent a purse-snatcher from slitting open the purse once he or she has left the scene of the snatch. This patent is nevertheless, a noble attempt to address a topic that is always close at hand; namely terrorism. Patent#US 6876756 refers to a Container Security System with two sections; the first of which has a touch pad containing a sensor for fingerprint identification, a solenoid coupled to the touch pad and a plunger that responds to the signal from the sensor and a latch attached to the remote end of the plunger. A release assembly in the second section permits the container to remain open when a user’s fingerprint on the touch pad matches a pre-stored fingerprint in the sensor.

Some other related container-type inventions include, “Wellness Travel Pak :Pill Storage Container” and Toby’s very funny piece, “Killing Me Slowly With Fred's Toothpicks.

Combating terrorism is a serious and noble goal and whether the Container Security System works or not, it represents an attempt to ease the minds of all of us who travel.

Jan 29, 2009
by Cosetta
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