PUSH Is A Fitness Tracker That Measures Strength

PUSH Fitness TrackerPUSH Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are everywhere. They track your steps, your heart rate, your sleep, your calorie intake, anything you could think of in terms of fitness...except strength and power. You can scour the sporting goods stores and online markets, and you won't find a fitness tracker that measures strength and power, until now. Until PUSH. 


I've done quite a few blogs on fitness trackers, all offering some unique feature (check out the most recent: Lumafit, Arcus and Flyfit). PUSH is no different. It offers the ability to measure strength and power. With it's motion and orientation sensors, it can measure reps and sets, force, power, balance, speed, explosive strength, 1 rep max, volume load and tempo. 

PUSH tracks your performance at a certain weight. It lets you know signs of fatigue, so if you aren't getting enough work, you can up the weight or if you're getting too fatigued, you can take a break. PUSH tells you the speed at which you move the weight and your tempo, so again you can gauge whether or not you need to change the weight with which you're training. 

Measure Strength With PUSHMeasure Strength With PUSH

PUSH is also Bluetooth capable, so you can connect it to your smart phone or device, and with the PUSH app, you can store your strength scores. Not only can you see real time results and adjust your training accordingly, but you can track your results over time and modify your program to experience maximum benefits. 

Coaches also benefit from the PUSH and PUSH app. They can create programs and send them directly to their athletes' smart phones, see progress day to day, gain insight about how hard their athletes train, maintain detailed records on athletes' training performance and use athletes' scores to motivate them. 

If you're serious about strength training, PUSH is technology that will help you in your gains. You can find out more information on PUSH or pre-order the device for $149, $40 off its regular price, on the PUSH website.