Push-Up Underwear Options On The Horizon For Men


Ever since the Wonderbra first hit the market fashionable women everywhere have been on a quest to have the most up-to-date uplifted look available.  There are always new versions of the push-up bra coming out; some have water, some have inserts, others have pumps.  Truth be told, I have tried many of them myself.  I am a big fan of the push-up bra, but I never imagined that there would one day be a male equivalent.



Amazingly (or maybe it was inevitable), push-up underwear for men is a reality!  No, I am not referring to butt-lifting underpants; we are talking about men getting a little boost in the front.  That’s right, a Croatian fashion designer has created a men’s underwear line that has a unique ‘package’ pocket in front.  The specially designed pocket is made to lift the testicles; thereby elevating everything and giving a man’s side view a more substantial look.



The push-up underwear appear to only be available in Croatia at the moment, but they are apparently very popular and the designer is developing a swimwear line as well.  After all, no one wants to leave their shapely silhouette in the change room when they hit the beach.    

Source: TheSun.co.uk, TheFrisky.com