Put Your Hands Together For The Pachi Pachi Clappy Artificial Hand Clapper

The Pachi Pachi Clappy from Evolete claps its hands together so you won't have to! If you're tired of leaving concerts, sports events, pep rallies and other applausible events with pained palms, the Pachi Pachi Clappy is the artificial hand clapper you've been cheering for.

Like some other Japanese gadgets such as SAVA-O, a ventriloquist's dummy with the face of a 13-week old embryo”, Pachi Pachi Clappy enjoys the patronage of comedians associated with one of Japan's biggest entertainment conglomerates.

With SAVA-O it was Maywa Denki; with Pachi Pachi Clappy it's Bye Bye World from Yoshimoto Kogyo. Being backed by the biggest has its benefits, one being a professional yet supremely silly Pachi Pachi Clappy music video you can watch here.

But enough back-story. Pachi Pachi Clappy was designed to clap so you won't have to. Yep, it's an artificial hand clapper whose silicone plastic mitts produce a convincingly authentic sound.

While artificial, Pachi Pachi Clappy isn't automatic – he or she who holds it provides the power by squeezing the trigger on the handle. With each squeeze the hands clap and the mouth on the handle opens.

Should your squeezing muscles start to complain, go to Plan C and flip the Pachi Pachi Clappy rapidly from side to side. Simple but effective!

Measuring 17cm x 4.1cm x 8cm (6.7 x 1.6 x 3.15 inches), Pachi Pachi Clappy comes in a choice of three colors (red, blue or black) and each includes a sheet of stickers users can use to personalize their clapper.  

Based near Tokyo with an office in Osaka, Evolete thrives to make the world a little bit smaller by making sure the item you fell in love with from the other side of the world can be held in your hands.” Let's give 'em a great big hand!