Put The Bite On A Piranha At Nara Kenko Land's Amazon Fair

Do you choose to chew Piranha? If so, get your appetite to the Nara Kenko Land hotel in Nara, Japan. Until May 12th, the second-floor restaurant is serving a variety of Amazon fare.

Nara, Japan's ancient capitol, doesn't have much if anything in common with Brazil's mighty Amazon river and its associated rainforest. The Nara Kenko Land hotel hopes to change that by hosting – from March 15th through May 12th, 2013 – an Amazon Fair that includes limited servings of, er, Amazon fare in its second-floor restaurant.

Three feature foods are on offer: a tropical Forest Smoothie made with Amazon plums rich in vitamin C, an Amazon Catfish Burger with Fries, and Deep Fried Piranha over Rice Pilaf. The burger is limited to 10 daily servings and the piranha to just 5... a reflection of either high demand or limited supply.

The Piranha dish is the most striking, obviously, thanks to a plate presentation that features the entire fish, head and all. The appearance may be somewhat off-putting to sensitive types but then again, there's no mistake you're getting exactly what you've ordered.

If you can get past the irritable at least, furious at worst expression on the piranha's fearsome face, diners can dig into the creature's slightly dark but flaky meat. The reporter who ordered, photographed and ate the fish relates that it had a strong, fishy smell and flavor ameliorated to some degree by squeezing fresh lemon over it and taking advantage of the accompanying bowl of spiced dipping sauce. As for the toothy, glaring, alien-like head, one could always drape a napkin over it.

Into putting the bite on a piranha that can't bite back? Better snap to it! Time's running out and who knows, maybe the piranha are too. (via YouPouch)