Put Cardboard Tubes To Good Use With Toobalink!

Why waste a perfectly good cardboard tube in the recycle bin when you can make a sword, abstract models and other cool stuff with Toobalink construction sets?

If you’re like me, you have already started Christmas shopping and maybe you’re wrapping presents as you get them. Instead of simply tossing out the long cardboard tubes left over from a long day spent wrapping goodies, collect and save as many as you can as a free expansion to a Toobalink set.

A Toobalinks set includes an array of plastic and foam pieces that are used to push together toilet paper, paper towel, wrapping paper and any other type of cardboard tubes to make whatever your imagination allows. Don’t settle for slapping your siblings with the wrapping paper tube by itself, when you can craft a pretty neat knight’s sword instead!

Considering the creative potential, resourcefulness of the idea and the fact that this toy will put a dent into the over 50 million empty cardboard tubes thrown out each day, (That’s 18,250,000,000,000 cardboard tubes in the trash each year!), Toobalinks is just as environmentally friendly as it is fun. When I first encountered Toobalinks, I thought “Why hasn’t anyone posted pictures of models made from these things online yet?” I mean, there’s so much potential here, and it’s nice to see an innovative construction toy newcomer on the scene too.

So which would you rather have: A recycle bin full of junk on Boxing Day, or a pair of lanky articulated cardboard robot arms made of Toobalinks?
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