Put Dad In The Spotlight With Unique Father’s Day Gift From Faux Show

If you've got a father who would appreciate a unique Father's Day gift that's all about him, that also puts him in the spotlight, then you need to learn about unique new business Faux Show.

Faux Show creates customized radio shows which make for ideal gifts, either for dad for Father's Day, for weddings, birthdays, or showers. These radio shows are "faux" in that they're never actually aired on the radio, but they do come on a CD to sound just like they were presented on the air.

When creating customized radio shows, gift givers can choose from a show with 5 songs and 5 messages (personalized call in style messages from friend and family for the recipient), or 8 songs and 8 messages. It's a great gift for Father's Day to show dad that you're really thinking about him and the things that he likes best; you can tell dad how much you love and appreciate him in the messages and pick his favorite songs that play a significant role in your life together.

Faux Show offers these fake radio shows starting at about 200 GBP, and with real British radio presenters putting it together, it will have an authentic feel.