Put Your Baby To Bed In A Cozy Pod Cot


Baby cribs have had generally the same design for many, many years.  Sure there are a lot of designer versions out there, but most still feature wooden slats or solid wood sides.  There is not much that is overly unique about them.  If you are looking for something a bit different and modern for your baby then you should have a look at the Pod Cot by Ubabub.

This sleek looking crib features rounded ends and transparent sides with strategically designed star cut-outs.  This is definitely not a crib for a traditional themed nursery.  It is not fussy in its appearance; the distinctive design is what makes it stand out.  Not only will it make a creative impression, but the see through sides will make it much easier for parents to get an unimpeded view of their little bundle.  Babies will also surely enjoy being able to clearly peer out into their rooms.



Once the baby is older the Pod converts into a contemporary toddler bed.  The Pod Cot is said to be simple to assemble and is designed for safety and ease of use.  It also has many ‘green’ features including renewable plantation sourced plywood, recyclable plastic and metal components and a hypoallergenic mattress.

Source: Ubabub.com

Jan 21, 2011
by Anonymous


recyclable bed?or adjustable bed?if that so its nice to used this for the baby 'cause it stills used in longer time.

Jun 28, 2011
by dinni

It looks so cute and

It looks so cute and special, where can these little beds can be bought, you don't see them in the stores. I wish you shared more details and resources. I'm also interested in memory foam mattress ratings, I tested few in the stores and I've become obsessed with the idea of having one myself.