Put This On Your Sustainability Gift Wish List: The Inka Sun Curve

via Inka Biospheric Systems websitevia Inka Biospheric Systems website

If you have a sustainable gift wish list this year you may want to look at this huge sustainable innovation called The Inka Sun Curve. It's an amazing large-scale gadget equipped with a healthy fresh daily meal. It could eventually even pay for itself.

The Inka Sun Curve comes equipped with fish in a fish tank, solar panels, a vertical garden and a wind turbine. It is a micro-farm and it sustains itself. The Inka Company describes it as a free standing self-sustaining aquaponic food-growing system.

In the Sun Curve garden there a mixture of grasses, flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables can be grown and they are all grown from seed on a vertical "bio-quilt." For the exception of root vegetables, just about any plant can be grown in this garden. Because different plants require different amounts of water, the Inka comes with a integrated timer which meters the water supply, to help monitor the water in-take of the plants.

The Inka websites suggests any fish that can "grow and survive in a pond" is appropriate for the Sun Curve fish tank. The fish must be fed and there must be proper maintenance of the fish tank but cleaning out the water is done via the plants and the stored wind and solar power.

It works like this: the fish waste provides the nutrients for the garden. The plants help clean the water for the fish through the plant roots which "grow media, and a colony of microorganisms act as a biological filter." This is what cleans the water.

The power required to pump the nutrient water to the plants and the clean water to the fish tank comes from the wind turbine and solar panel and is stored in the battery bank. The battery bank can store enough power to "run the components of this sustainable innovation: a built in water pump, an ultraviolet filtration, and a computer/ phone system".

Because of the sharing and recycling of water the "micro farm" requires 90% less water usage than an average garden or farm. In addition no soil is required to for the plant growth. For more information about The Inka Sun Curve or any of the other "micro farms" from Inka Biospheric Systems visit the Inka website here


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Nov 25, 2009
by Toby
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And it's stunning too!

Great design for a worthwhile purpose! Good find!

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