Poop and Putt At the Same Time


Unless this guy prefers to skip underwear for fear of the horrible crease lines they'll make in his Dockers, he's sitting in his underwear, pretending to take a deuce just so that he can practice on the world's tiniest putting green. Clearly, he's a virgin.

Whether you're a virgin or not, if you like golf so much that you live, breath, eat and eventually pass it out, you'll love the Potty Putter. Spend those idle moments, normally saved for staring at the bathroom wall or catching up on the morning's headlines, mindlessly knocking a ball in and out of a tiny hole. As the product description so eloquently puts: "Finally, you can play some golf without all those bothersome people." Yes indeed, at long last you have an excuse to hide out from friends, family and coworkers and lock yourself in the toilet for hours at a time.

The only thing more disturbing than playing golf in a cramped bathroom with your business lingering around in the toilet is letting the world know exactly what you're doing with the Free! Do Not Disturb sign. Clearly, this guy intends to stay a virgin for a while.

Whether a gag gift for a buddy or a guilty pleasure for yourself, snag a set, which includes putter, 2 balls, green, flag and the door sign on Amazon for under $25.

 via DVICE and Baron Bob

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