Putting On The Dog With The 10 Hautiest Designer Pet Carriers

I've noticed that when it comes to designer accessories like handbags, fans love to match them with other accessories. So if they buy a Gucci handbag, they'll want a Gucci wallet and key chain... and a Gucci pet carrier too.  Here are 10 of the newest styles of designer pet carriers from the likes of  Louis Vuitton, Juicy, Burberry, Gucci and more...

(Editor's Note: This article highlights dog carriers that were available in 2009. As with most fashion items, unfortunately most of these dog carriers are no longer available. You may want to go to the sites for the designer you are interested in and search for dog carriers on their site.)


Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 1 - Coach Op Art Pet Carrier

A bit retro and a bit post modern combine to give your pup the class of pet carrier he deserves.  And you'll be glad to know that Coach has designed more styles for him and you in the Op Art patterns.   Coated canvas is the material with metallic patent leather trim, a cloth lining and a zip around the top entry and closing.  Side peek and breathe with Coach logo and tag. How posh! (Update: Unfortunately, Coach stopped making a pet carrier. As ofAugust 2015, they had no dog or pet carriers available.)



A matching Coach Op Art Dog Raincoat will guarantee that you and he will never see things again in quite the same way!




Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 2 - Will Beg For Juicy Pet Bowler Carrier

Shaped a lot like a bowling ball bag, Juicy came out with "Will Beg For Juicy" for 2009 to add to its fun collection of pet carriers.  The Beg For Juicy comes in Martinique pink or black velour, with handles and a shoulder strap.  The opening is on top with a zip closure with a logo chain.  Pup's opening is heart shaped (aww!) on the side of the bag.





Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 3 - Gucci Walk-In Signature Pet Carrier

So Gucci! The 'walk-in' Gucci Pet Carrier opens on one side and let's puppy see out of the other side. The interior has a soft cushion that can be removed for washing.  The bag also has a short leash attached to the interior (just in case!).  Leather and web trim. (17"L x 9.5"W x 12"H)  Of course, no Gucci girl will keel over when she sees the price tag.



Oh, by the way, you must get this Gucci doggy travel bed to match the Gucci pet carrier. (26"L x 18.5"W)




Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 4 - Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Dog Bag 40/50

With the same sturdy water and scratch resistant fabric as his handbags, for which he is well-known, the Dog Bag 40 & 50 sport a washable lining, brass hardware and real leather handles and trim.  The top-loading Dog Bag 40 is nice and roomy at 15.7"L  x 11.8"H  x 8.6"W, as is the Dog Bag 50 at 19.7"L x 13.4"H x 9"W.  I love that cute lil' roll-up shade!  You can even personalize the "dog tag."





Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 5 - Christian Audigier Safari Dog Pet Carrier Bag

ARF!  Is the Safari wild or not?  The French couturier has a flair even with his pet carriers.  His multi media animal print is garnished with antique gold hardware, custom logo, and a woven handle. The entrance to the wild kingdom is at one side, which also functions as a window and airway for your bud.  The see-through mesh top is adjustable, print interior is removable and washable, and there are two interior pockets to carry both of your necessities. Use as a handbag or shoulder bag.



Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 6 - Gucci Signature Top-Loading Duffel Style Dog Carrier

Nice for a medium size dog, the interior is roomy (16"l x 8"W x 10.5"H)  Like the other Gucci pet carriers, the Gucci duffel style pet carrier has a washable interior cushion and a short leash attached to the interior of the bag.




Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 7 - Burberry Signature Pet Carrier

If you know a Burberry gal, you know she's going to want this Burberry Signature Pet Carrier!  A zippered top loading entrance for pooch and a nice cut out side portion for his head and neck, this fashion statement is also smartly made for anglophile dogs, who will be protected by the weather and stain resistant fabric. Nicely sized at 16.5" L x 10"H x 7"W.




Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 8 - Swarovski London Crystal Dog Carrier

Some like it hot, and some like it crystal.  And this top-loading Swarovski London Crystal Dog Carrier makes your hot dog even hotter.  Tapestry fabric and faux leather on the outside and washable quilted cushions and nylon lining on the inside perform, even for the airlines.  And there's no escaping from it either with an interior harness hook attachment.  (16"L x6"W x10"H)




Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 9 - Gucci Signature Top-Loading Tote Pet Carrier

The second zipper feature on the side of the new Gucci tote Pet Carrier is quite handy, as if pooch wants to stand up and look out (and what pooch wouldn't?) she won't be choked. The side zipper can only be drawn partially down, to limit the dashability factor. Like the walk-in bag, the Gucci top-loading has a washable interior cushion and a short leash attached to the interior of the bag.  Available in beige/brown or black and in two sizes: small (12.5" L x 7.8"W x 9.8"H) and large (16.4"L x 7.8"W x 12.1"H).




Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 10 - Louis Vuitton Baxter Bag PM/GM Pet Carrier

The Baxter Bag has a less traditional, but still very identifiable, Louis Vuitton look.  The Baxter Bag is extremely sturdy, as well as elegant, and able to carry a 44 pound dog!  (But I submit that if your dog weighs that much and fits into this Baxter Bag GM, 15.3"L x 10.6"H x 7.5"W, she is quite a bit overweight!).  Top loading and side breather holes, like the Dog Bag 40/50, the Baxter features a washable rug and a nice size external pocket.  The smaller Baxter Bag PM is 13.8" x 10.4" x 6.5"




Not Really Hautiest Designer Pet Carrier # 11 - The Gift Box Carrier aka The Tiffany Blue Pet Carrier

The Tiffany Blue Pet Carrier was not created by Tiffany's, and therefore doesn't fit into my grouping of haute couture pet carrier designers.  But I bet Tiffany & Co., wishes it did create this beautiful rendition of Tiffany's gift boxes and packaging.  Designed by pet couturier Puppy & Co., the  14'L x 7" W x 9"H Tiffany Blue Pet Carrier is top loaded with Velcro closures and has three windows for your puppy to regard her surroundings. Great job!




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