Puzzibits Combine Pieces Of Fun For A Great Building Experience

From the Manhattan Toy company comes Puzzibits, a great way for kids to learn and build almost anything they want using interlocking hexagonal plastic pieces.

Sure, every kid loves Lego but after a while it can get frustrating to be one block short of a house, and tiny fingers can begin to get bruised and sore from fitting two-dot and one-dot pieces in amongst flower pots and miniature people with detachable heads.

Now from the Manhattan Toy company comes a creative alternative - Puzzibits - which feature hexagonal plastic pieces instead of the standard square and rectangular Lego versions. Puzzibits pieces interlock through a series of circles and grooves on their back sides and when connected leave only a flat hexagonal face showing to the world. They come in a variety of colors and "kits", and each one comes along with patterns for making both 2D and 3D shapes with the available Puzzibits.

Puzzibits: it's chicken time!Puzzibits: it's chicken time! 

The company also makes a 1250 piece megamix set that comes with a number of instruction sets and a host of colored pieces to let kids build whatever they want. From what we've read about the product, kids are initially very interested in building what the instructions demonstrate but rapidly progress into creating their own toys and designs as they become more comfortable.

Puzzibits are durable and safe but are a small part, so choking is a possibility in younger children if they are not properly watched. The toy has won several awards for its fun and innovation and while piece-for-piece it is more expensive than other options such as Lego, it can be a nice change of pace for kids with creative bent.

If Puzzibits sound like something you'd have designs on, they can be found at both Manhattan Toy and Amazon for easy purchase.

Source: Manhattan Toy

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