PVC Wentworth Miracle Vases Make Vase Storage A Snap

Vases are pretty, but they take up a lot of room and if you don’t have fresh flowers around very often (ahem…hint, hint) it can be annoying to have to store vases for a few random occasions. So if, like me, the flower deliveries in your life are unlikely to pick up, then a product like Wentworth Miracle Vases totally makes sense.

Seriously, what a great idea! These vases are made from durable PVC and are completely flat when you get them. All you do to set them up is pull the top open a little, fill with warm water and then pour it out and refill with cool water for your flowers. The vases come in several attractive colors and look shockingly like regular vases when they’re filled with water. You can also cut them down if you need a lower vase or trim the top with some fancy scissors to add an extra decorative touch.

These would be great for decorating outdoor patios because you don’t have to worry about glass getting smashed and possibly cutting bare feet. They would also be perfect to store at the office for days when an employee gets a surprise delivery or to have at the hospital for all of the floral gifts. Parents of small children would probably appreciate having some unbreakable vases around too. To have a closer look at Wentworth Miracle Vases or to order you can click here.

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