New Pyro Fireball Shooter Lets You Shoot Flames Like A Superhero

New Pyro Mini Shooter by the Ellusionist: Pyro Mini Shooter image via Ellusionist FacebookNew Pyro Mini Shooter by the Ellusionist: Pyro Mini Shooter image via Ellusionist Facebook


Fans of superhero movies have something to look forward to, the new mini pyro fireball shooter for shooting flames out of the palms of your hands. Before you get too excited, no, it’s not a toy. It’s described as the ultimate “badass professional device,” and the maker of it wants you to know that upfront.  That’s because it doesn’t just create the illusion of fire and flames but actually allows you to shoot them for real — and along with that comes the very real chance of getting burned.

Flame Throwing

Last year, shortly before the holidays kicked off, Ellusionist debuted the Pyro Fireball Shooter, but this year a second-generation model known as the Pyro mini is here. It’s said to be a more compact design that’s more comfortable to wear and better designed. Users strap the tiny gadget to their wrists containing mini barrels, each with the capability of firing off a round of cotton and flash paper throwing flames approximately 40 feet before disappearing into thin air, just like your favorite superheroes do it in the movies.

Professional Pyrotechnics

This year’s version is less expensive than last year’s $174 model, and it comes with a rechargeable battery and micro USB cable. Fully charged, the device can be used for roughly 600 shots of professional pyrotechnics. While originally designed with illusionists and magicians in mind, the device has a promising future in Hollywood where most special effects of this kind are just that, computer-generated special effects.


The New Pyro Mini & Other Ellusionist Designs: Pyro Mini Shooter image via Ellusionist FacebookThe New Pyro Mini & Other Ellusionist Designs: Pyro Mini Shooter image via Ellusionist Facebook


Pyro Mini Shooter

The Pyro mini shooter has two main components. The first is a small box with a detachable Velcro strap that attaches to the user’s wrist. The second is a small wireless remote that’s used for triggering the fireballs. Because the remote is wireless, the tiny unit does not even need to be worn. With a remote firing range of around 30 feet, you can technically place the device almost anywhere and trigger fireballs at will from a safe distance.

Fire Safety

Which brings up the issue of fire safety and accompanying recommendations. The manufacturer Ellusionist recommends firing the gizmo at least 20 or 30 times before actually strapping it to your wrist and going gonzo with it. Getting used to preparing your load of flash paper and cotton for the firing process takes a little practice also, but it’s said to be very easy once you learn the proper procedures. This is something you really don’t want to skimp on, considering how badly you could injure yourself. You don’t want to end up like New York Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul.

Mini Fireball Uses

While the device was originally designed for professionals for use in controlled environments, the Pyro mini can actually be used indoors under the right circumstances with the right operator. That means following manufacturer recommendations for load size and environment until you get used to it and know what you’re doing. Even then you shouldn’t vary from protocol, because that’s when people get into trouble, including professionals. The longer you do something, the more you have a tendency to slack and let things like the little details slide.

Responsible Shooting

Due to its size, the device can easily be hidden and rendered nearly invisible. Once it’s fired, it apparently makes little to no noise and leaves very little smoke behind. This would be great for fooling friends and entertaining the masses, but it’s important to note again THIS IS NOT A TOY and shouldn’t be used as one. Also, drinking and fireworks or pyrotechnics of any kind do not mix.

Ordering the Pyro Mini Shooter

Because of the fact that the Pyro mini is now available to order online, a lot of people will be wanting to get one just in time for Christmas and/or New Year’s, where drinking will inevitably be involved. Don’t ruin the holidays by burning the Christmas tree and house down or start the year off in an intensive care burn unit. If you’re going to buy one, use it responsibly and don’t allow friends to use it until they’ve become as familiar with it as you hopefully have. No one wants an injured or dead friend and a lawsuit on their hands. Having said that, happy flame throwing!