QALO Silicone Wedding Rings Keep Fingers, Marriages Safe

Car lovers who do their own maintenance and repairs often ignore a safety hazard that's very close at hand: metal wedding rings that can get caught in machinery and/or conduct high voltage electrical charges from car and truck batteries. QALO silicone wedding rings let you keep precious jewelry safely stored while removing one danger of working on or near electrical equipment.

Most married men and women don't go anywhere or do anything without putting a ring on it – and leaving it on. You wouldn't think that'd be dangerous but wearing a gold, silver or platinum ring in the wrong place at the wrong time could cost you not only the ring, but the finger it's worn on.

“Once upon a time, Adam Costa, a friend of mine, was disconnecting the battery on his Miata when he bridged the terminals with a wrench,” relates Zach Bowman of Road & Track.

“The wrench was in his left hand, and the gold wedding band on his ring finger immediately went super hot, nearly burning through the flesh right down to the bone. He nearly lost the finger.” Click here if you want to see what that looks like – it's an image not safe for work nor lunch.

Obviously Costa's injury wasn't unique – some occupations in the electrical technician and fire alarm installation field have banned the wearing of metal rings while on the job.

For others (notably auto mechanics and military vets) it's essential wisdom that's handed down from old hands to new. As a result, a steady demand has arisen for a safe ring substitute of which the QALO silicone wedding ring is a prime example.

QALO's medical-grade silicone rings are non-conductive and non-porous; they can get as grimy as can be and, like your hands, wash right off when the work is done. QALO stamps each ring with their distinctive "Hammer and Pick" icon symbolizing the hard work and craftsmanship, and they're offering these rings in both men's (.87cm wide, .15cm thick) and women's (.55cm wide, .15cm thick) styles.

Sizes span 8 through 16 and colors range from mild (black, grey, navy blue) to wild (purple, pink, avocado green). They can be ordered online at Amazon or  Qalo.