Qball Is A Microphone You Can Throw, Drop, Or Roll

An inventor from Salt Lake City, Utah, has found a way to make classroom lectures, conferences, and meetings more entertaining.

Shane Cox has developed Qball, which is a throwable microphone.

“The Qball is a great way to engage and interact with your audience, whether that audience is a bunch of fans at a comic book expo, a room full of third graders, or your boss on the other end of that video conference,” explains Cox

“The fun doesn't stop there: think corporate training, youth groups, concerts, churches, video production, and even karaoke,” adds Cox.

Qball: A New Throwable Wireless Microphone

Qball is about the same size as a dodgeball, and it is very soft and squishy and very durable too. And it’s easy for throwing to the other side of a room to let someone else take the microphone. Yes, if you got the ball, then you’ve got the floor.

The ball-shaped microphone has a range of 900ft and has an auto-mute feature when it is being thrown across a room or a boardroom table. The gadget is interference-free and its battery lasts for almost 10 hours. Its latency time is 14.2 milliseconds and you can even use it to play your own tunes.

The launch of this invention is timely as the 2015 school year has kicked off and now students of all ages will get more into classroom learning.

“The average student misses a third of what a teacher says in any given day,” says Cox. “By simply adding a wireless microphone and speakers to that classroom, they've seen a 10 percent improvement in test scores across every subject. And what's even more impressive - they've seen a 40 percent decrease in the number of students going into special-ed.”

The Qball is perfect for just about any event.

“We've tested out our prototypes in a number of different settings and I just love how people's eyes light up when they get their hands on one of these,” says Cox. “They are coming up with all sorts of brilliant ways to use the Qball.”

Go Ahead, Catch The Mic

Qball is a definitely a neat invention. It helps get people more involved and it makes boring meetings or classroom lectures a heck of a lot more fun. And in the event you catch someone sleeping at your next meeting, well you can throw Qball at them to wake them up and let them take the mic.

Will this new invention be a success story when it hits the market? Of course – people who host conferences, lectures, meetings and seminars are always on the lookout for new technology that will engage and empower audiences.

Some might think that Qball has a hefty price tag since it is new and armed with all sorts of cool technology. Well, think again. It retails for only $150.00 (USD).

So, who’s next up on the mic?