Q-Phone: A Cool Spy Gadget - And a Sure Path to Divorce

This is the kind of phone that could end a marriage.

Let's say you suspect your spouse of having an affair.  Instead of accusing he/she of the extracurricular activities, you go out and purchase the Q-Phone and give it to him/her as a gift.

Model AU888 Dual BandModel AU888 Dual Band
Though it looks like a standard mobile phone-and operates like one as well-the Q-Phone includes software that, once activated, allows you to listen in on any conversation held on it-or around it.

Here's how it works.

The listening software on the Q-Phone is activated via two short text messages sent from your phone.  When activated, the Q-Phone picks up-but without a ring and without a change on the display.  So... your spouse doesn't know that the phone is active.

You give the phone as a gift to your spouse.  They are surprised, give you hugs, kisses, etc.  They cook you a nice dinner, then say they have errands and scoot off to a nearby hotel for "dessert" with someone who is not you.

Model AU888 Tri-BandModel AU888 Tri-Band
Utilizing built-in microphones, the Q-Phone can pick up pretty much any sound within the general vicinity.  So... you can listen in to all of the naughty details taking place in the hotel...  And call the divorce lawyer on another line.

To the user (in this case, your spouse) and to callers other than yourself the Q-Phone will act like any other cell phone.

The Q-Phone, as it utilizes cellular phone technology, has quite a listening range.  Model AU888 Dual-Band can be utilized everywhere in the world except for the United States.  Model AU888 Tri-Band has no distance limit, allowing for global audio monitoring.  You could be sitting in your living room in Atlanta, Georgia while grinding your teeth in anger at the... grinding activities taking place in London, England.

Now, I know I've been using the notion of cheating spouses as my example of this device's uses.  Part of me wishes I had one of these toward the end of my marriage.  But just the thought of what I could have heard... well, that puts a stop to that idea.  It would have been too painful at the time.  Plus, who wants to be with a spouse you can't trust?  What's the point?  You have to have a certain amount of faith in a relationship-even if that faith is misplaced.

So, while I'm not a proponent of listening in on private conversations, regardless of who is involved, I can definitely see unique uses for the Q-Phone in various crime-busting scenarios-particularly in a global context.

Just hope that the bad guys don't have this.

And as a kid-tracking device, I think the Q-Phone is brilliant.  Kids, not having a fully developed sense of right or wrong, inevitably get in trouble.  This device could curb some of those shenanigans.  At least until little Billy figures out what the phone truly does.

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