Quadrofoil: The First All Electric Hydrofoiling Personal Watercraft

Riding QuadrofoilRiding Quadrofoil

Do you know what hydrofoiling is? It's a term used to describe a boats hull being lifted out of the water after it has gained a significant amount of speed. This is what the Quadrofoil does, and Quadrofoil is the first hydrofoiling watercraft that you can buy for yourself.

Check out the video below to see the Quadrofoil in action.

Notice the way the watercraft lifts out of the water as it picks up speed. This is hydrofoiling, which is made possible by the hydrofoils on the bottom of the Quadrofoils hull. Hydrofoils operate similarly to airfoils on planes--as speed is gained, lift is achieved. 

The Quadrofoil achieves its speed via all-electric outboard motor, so not only is this watercraft scoring in "awesomeness," it gets "green points" as well. You can operate the Quadrofoil for about $1.25 per hour and it requires hardly any maintenance. 

Quadrofoil CockpitQuadrofoil Cockpit

The use of an electric motor also means no noise, which in turn means that you can take the Quadrofoil just about anywhere. Sometimes lakes and rivers prohibit personal watercraft because of the noise and wake, but Quadrofoil is a silent ride with very little wake.

Just because the Quadrofoil is quiet, doesn't mean it won't get up and go. The aerodynamic design of the Quadrofoil, with its sleek body and hydrofoils, allows you to reach cruising speeds of 20 knots. And driving this watercraft is a piece of cake. The cockpit features a touch screen display that gives you all of Quadrofoils vital stats. 


Quadrofoil's design also means that it is virtually unsinkable. Even in the worst case scenarios, the hollow hull will keep the Quadrofoil afloat. 

If you want more information on the Quadrofoil, check out their website. You can also pre-order your own Quadrofoil on this site, but don't expect this sophisticated watercraft to be cheap. However, if you want a unique personal watercraft and some unique experiences, $18,000 may not be such a bad price.