Quadzilla's Fear Not; Barbell Denim Has Created Jeans That Will Fit

Barbell DenimBarbell Denim

Barbell Denim jeans sound too good to be true--jeans designed for athletes (for me) that will actually fit both my waist and quads. As an athlete, who trains by lifting heavy things, I know the difficulties of shopping for jeans, or any kind of pants (but especially the rigid, unforgiving jeans.

You pick out a pair that is supposed to fit your waist, but you can't get them to your waist. The get stuck half way up your quads, and just sag there with your undies peeking out the top. Next, you go for a bigger leg. You pull them up, and they're hugging your thighs nicely, but there is enough of a gap between you and the waistline to fit a small animal (not that you would put a small animal in your pants). 

Men's And Women's Barbell DenimMen's And Women's Barbell Denim

Enter hybrid denim. That's what Barbell Denim calls the material with which they make their jeans. These jeans are made to accommodate the athlete's quads and butt, while hugging the waist. The people at Barbell Denim call their jeans "functional denim," and promise that they will fit you snugly and give you freedom of movement at the same time. Even if you aren't a quadzilla, Barbell Denim can accommodate. Just order a size smaller than you normally would. 

Barbell Denim jeans come in two styles--Men's Straight Athletic Fit and Women's Slim Athletic Fit.  The Men's jeans sit just below the waist and the Women's jeans rest on the hips. Sizes range from 24-40 inch waist and 32-36 inch inseam. The only problem with these jeans seems to be the fact that they haven't hit the market just yet. The people at Barbell Denim are ready to start production, and they're hoping to have these jeans on the market soon. So rest easy, fellow athletes. The stress of jeans shopping may soon be a thing of the past. 

Source: Barbell Denim