Quality Crowdfunding Your Idea Via Seedinvest

Crowdfunding big ideas and small businesses online is a concept that quickly became mainstream, but if your high-quality startup needs a big-name investment, check out Seedinvest.

Seedinvest is a web-based crowdfunding platform that filters out 98% of the lesser ideas to promote the most business-ready, brilliant and best thought out innovations to a host of accredited potential investors. The New York centered business helps inventors and small businesses by connecting them with investors across the nation who may become brand building partners, featuring selected indie brands alongside other top-notch innovations, making it easier for investors and entrepreneurs to collaborate, and by streamlining the legal processes involved with taking capital from business investors.

What makes this crowdfunding model unique is that would-be investors have to sign up and be strictly vetted by Seedinvest before they can contribute and expect a return on their investment. Seedinvest’s “cream of the crop” applicants have an advantage over other crowdfunding programs because each investor has a truly dedicated interest in you and your product’s ability to turn a profit, and any backer to your Seedinvest campaign will likely become a loyal business partner in the long run.

It’ll be a big benefit to you and your brand if you’ve already flaunted your stuff to other potential investors beforehand, but if you have a prototype, a business plan and are ready to present your hard work to a wide variety of trade giants, it’s pretty easy to get started on Seedinvest. By creating an account, filling out your company profile, verifying all of the founding members of your development team, and setting up your “dataroom” (Your profile’s file sharing account) you’ll have just about everything that you’ll need to do to impress the high-end website’s gang of venture capitalists.

If you’re ready to go big with your idea, or if you’d like to learn more, click here to check out Seedinvest for yourself!

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