Quality Stereo Sound Encased In A Peanut

We’ve seen speakers take many shapes and forms, but one company’s taking designs to a whole new level with their latest peanut shaped product.

Source: AkiHabaraNews

Bird Electron has recently launched the EZ16YG a.k.a. the speakers that look like peanuts. Though not much has been released about the product, the speakers weigh only 25g and are 50mm thick.

Given their size, the peanut shaped speakers are probably geared towards most MP3 players. Since they’re green, they’re pretty much a perfect fit for Apple products.

Source: AkiHabaraNews

However, will gadget enthusiasts accept the creatively designed item? Do you think the peanut shaped product has a chance against other portable speakers? Or will it be crushed by the competition?