Quantum Big Screen Microscope Brings Great Fun To Small Things

The Quantum Big Screen Microscope from Learning Resources helps kids enjoy the craziness of tiny nature while also learning a great deal in the process.

Kids like small things - be they bugs, beads or buttons that we often wish they would just leave alone, put down, or not shove up their noses. It is in their nature to be curious about all things smaller than they are and especially about things that are tiny or cannot be accurately seen with the naked eye.

While kids will eventually get their turn behind a microscope when they hit the later stages of school, the Quantum Big Screen Microscope offers them a durable and fun way to get up close and personal with interesting oddities far sooner than the public school system offers them the chance to.

Made by Learning Resources, the Quantum Big Screen Microscope comes with the ability to use either created microscope slides or those provided with the instrument and can zoom to levels of 10x, 20x and 40x.

Oh, and did we mention it has a big screen?

The leaves: look at the leaves!!The leaves: look at the leaves!! 

Instead of having to view their finds through tiny microscope peepholes, the 8.5" x 5" viewing screen means that a group of friends or a family can sit down and all have a great time examining some of the strangest small things we see in nature.

Large and durable without being cumbersome or heavy, the Quantum Big Screen is a great gift for a budding scientist or for any kid who asks "how come bugs do ____?" or "what are leaves made of?"

If nothing else, it may keep tiny objects out of mouths and noses.

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Source: Learning Resources 

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