Quick Dry™ Garment Shelves: Sweater Drying In A Snap

Winter's coming and so is sweater season, indoors and out. The problem with sweaters is that they don't last long when you put them in a clothes dryer, and drying them on the dining room table takes forever. Many people won't use dry cleaning because of the expense or because of potentially toxic chemicals used to remove stains and odors from clothing.

Quick Dry 4 Shelf Garment StationQuick Dry 4 Shelf Garment Station

Hamilton Beach has come up with a good solution for drying sweaters that can accommodate up to eight sweaters at a time, depending on which model of Quick Dry Garment Station you choose.

The Quick Dry Garment Station is a stand containing four or five removable mesh shelves to air dry your laundered garments, be they sweaters or other fragile clothing that might be damaged by an electric clothes dryer. The Quick Dry is also electric, but its fan simply circulates the ambient air, making it more efficient as well as less damaging to fabrics. The Quick Dry fan is placed perpendicular to the shelves so the air flows above and below each garment, drying both sides at once.

The 8 Way Garment Station, below, has five drying shelves and, for clothing that can hang dry, 3 hanging stations. The Stations require only 2 square feet of floor space.

Quick Dry Deluxe 8 Way Garment StationQuick Dry Deluxe 8 Way Garment Station

The Quick Dry Garment Station won't be the coolest gadget in your home, but it does solve a common problem.  (Update: This dryer is no longer available. This new foldable heated drying rack may be a good alternative. Or you can also used a more traditional heated drying rack like these. )

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Nov 6, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
Beth Graddon-Hodgson's picture

 much better solution than

 much better solution than a standard drying rack with an electric fan, especially since with this sweaters can lay flat!

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer

Nov 6, 2008
by Anonymous


when was this invented?

Nov 6, 2008
by Anonymous


i really don't know