Shine Like A Star: Quick Tips To Better Logos

Launching a successful business is one thing, but having a decent logo created is equally important for several reasons. First of all, it represents your company brand. Brand is a way of getting your company name out there in front of people who are looking for what you are selling. A good logo also promotes brand recognition. Brand recognition is when people see your logo and automatically think of your business name. That being said, here are some tips for choosing a logo for your business:

1. Understand the concept of a logo before you start looking at designing one.  A logo is a representation of your business and has many elements that need to be considered including color, design and style.   Your logo should be equally effective with color or without.

2. Keep it simple. You don’t have to create some complicated logo, the more basic it is, the better. Your final logo should be simple and easy to recognize, no matter the size it is presented in. Your logo should be scalable while remaining recognizable.


3. Color is an important element of your logo and can be just as important as design. You need to select which colors you would like to represent your company from the very initial stages of logo design and your business launch. Color starts to become a representation of your logo and a recognizable part of your brand over time.

4. Use an interesting font. If you want to simply use a picture, then you don’t need to add writing, but some people like to add their company name together with the logo. The font should be one that is simple to read, no matter what the message is. Letters should be easily distinguishable from one another.

5. Ensure that the logo is appropriate to the business. The logo should encapsulate the tone of the business. Example – if you were designing a logo for a company that sells children’s items, you would want to use a whimsical tone for your logo to reflect the fact that the company is kid friendly.

6. Try sketching your ideas out on paper. It is much easier and quicker to get the images down with a pencil than to try to use a design program that you are not 100% familiar with. Once you have your basic idea, it is much easier to mimic that with a computer program and manipulate colors, size and font.

7. Choosing an image or emblem can be one of the most important things that you do. Try to think about what your company represents. Examples of emblems include the Nike Swoosh, the Shell Gas Shell and the Golden M for MacDonald’s. A logo is a representation of your company that becomes recognizable on its own, with no description necessary.

8. Consider how the logo will fit onto a business card or a web page. Can the logo be easily scaled and adjusted? Does the logo retain the clarity of its image when it is minimized or enlarged? It is important that you can manipulate the logo so that it fits into your newsletter, your business card, your web page and any other place you want to use it.

9.  Use a single word or name as your logo and manipulate some of the letters to suggest some aspect of your business. In the image below, the letters “I,L and L have been altered to become pillars within the word.

10. Consider hiring a design professional. You do not have to spend a truck load of money to hire a good artist to create a logo for your company. Many freelancers are available online and are waiting for your request to start creating something special for your company. All you need to do is interview several design professionals, view their portfolios and make a decision regarding which freelancer you want to hire.

It is very important to remember to have fun with the design process. The logo is an important part of your brand and will be recognized for years to come. If you decide to create your own logo, you can do it simply with a good illustration software program. Some free sites online will allow you to create a logo, but they won’t let you download that logo without their watermark inside of it. You may have to pay for a full version to have the watermark removed.

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