Quickly Customize Your Bike Grips With Spurcycle

Face it- The grips that came with your bike aren’t that great. If you’d like to comfortably, colorfully and cheaply upgrade your bike’s appearance, you’ll want to check out Spurcycle’s modular grips.

All you need to do to create a one of a kind look for your bike with Spurcycle’s Grip Rings is to simply pull the old rubbery grips off of your handle bars, and slip the modular rings over the bar to create an infinite number of vibrant patterns. Grip Rings are produced in a bold rainbow of colors, including pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, gray, clear and brown. They are sold in both solid packs of 14 and pairs of matching colored spares for you to easily launch your customizing project with your favorite colors. Personally, I’d go for a purple and black combo on my handlebars, but that’s just me!

The cushiony, non-toxic, pure silicon material is easy on your hands, and since they stay clean by not absorbing sticky and slimy hand oil, the Grip Rings have solved my most irritating biking problem: Icky grips. Ick.

I really like how Spurcycle designed their Grip Rings and their accompanying end plugs to fit the vast majority of bicycles; it shows that Spurcycle is genuinely reaching out to the larger biking community. If you’d like to pick up a set or two for yourself, click on the Amazon links below to select your favorite hues for your ride. Don’t be afraid to go directly to Spurcycle's website to order a custom set of Grip Rings if you’re ready to mix and match too! Happy trails!

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