Quiet Expressions Double Breast Pump Gives Moms a Free Hand To Multitask In Silence

If a new mom chooses to breastfeed, her life revolves around the milk factory living in her breasts. Nursing, pumping, storing, and coveting ounces of stored milk is all done for the sake of what some call liquid gold. Breastfeeding is a very personal choice, and all women have the right to their choice and opinion around the topic. Parenting is hard, and there should be no shaming one side or the other. A healthy baby is the goal. If breastfeeding is the plan, most women also need a breast pump. The Quiet Expressions Plus Double Electric Breast Pump made by The First Years gives mom the ability to pump in discreet silence. It also allows them to multi-task.

New moms, newly back to work moms, or any mom trying to provide nutrition shouldn’t have to multitask. But that’s the world we live in. Moms are expected to do it all. For the moms who choose to work, stay home, or somewhere in between, there is always more than one thing to do at any given time. Nothing brings that to a grinding halt like pumping, especially double pumping.

The First Years Quiet Expressions Double Electric Breast Pump is light-weight at only 2 lbs. and is easily held with one hand during pumping sessions. It comes with a plug-in option as well as a reusable battery which has a life of 300 hours. The Quiet Expressions Double Breast Pump has eight suction settings, which can be adjusted on a handheld remote with a back-lit screen.

When my partner breastfed our children, the pump became another member of the family. A noisy member of the family. I can still hear the loud rhythmic suctioning of milk. I’m sure her office mates can too.

But when Quiet Expressions is in use, the pump can barely be heard. Really. On the highest setting the sound is a quiet hum of the motor, but its volume is much lower than other breast pumps. This is perfect for moms sharing office space, moms trying to keep a baby asleep, or moms trying to carry a conversation. With your boobs hanging out, it’s nice to have a little modesty.

The Quiet Expressions Breast Pump comes with two GumDrop GentleVent bottles and storage lids as well as two soft Flexi-fit breast shields. All can be carried with its accompanying canvas tote bag. The tote has five interior pockets, but does not come with an ice pack to keep pumped milk cold if you are away from home for an extended period of time. An office refrigerator or small cooler would solve this problem.

Free up those hands, Mamas. Breastfeed and multitask in silence with The First Years Quiet Expressions Plus Double Electric Breast Pump.