Quut Makes The Coolest Beach Toys Under The Sun

I am such a sucker for bargain buys, especially when it comes to buying toys for my kids. But cheap toys are not always quality toys. My biggest mistake is always falling for brightly colored, plastic beach toys nestled neatly into a bucket or beach bag. Inevitably, the buckets crack, the shovels break in half, and my kids fight over the one sand sifter. Quut beach toys are different. Their durable, multifunctional, and cleverly designed toys are the coolest under the sun. They’re brightly colored too.

Quut makes several different products, all labeled with cute names and designed to be used in more than one way. While Scoppi, Cuppi, and Alto were made for the beach, they can be used in the bath and snow too. My kids would love all of their toys—yours will too—but I picked a few my favorites to highlight the versatility of these Quut beach toys.

Quut Triplet

The Quut Triplet is a rake, shovel, and sifter. And the hollow handle can be used as a funnel too. Triplet rolls off the tongue better than quadruple. The base can be used to make cool designs or smooth surfaces to lay the foundation for sand castles. Dig holes, poke holes, draw pictures, or add water to your moat all with the Triplet.

Quut Alto

The Quut Alto makes the most amateur sand castle maker feel like a professional. Its unique design allows kids to press sand into the shapes and then lift the pieces for perfectly formed structures. Unlike filling, packing, and dumping a bucket, your child’s castle will stay intact without frustration. The Alto is stackable and clicks in place for easy transport.

Quut Scoopi

Kids like to dig holes in the sand. It is not my job to figure out why. But I take my job as a mom very seriously when it comes to finding toys to keep my kids busy. The Quut Scoopi will keep them busy for hours. It is a sturdy shovel that lets them use their feet and hands to really get into their work. And the detachable sand sifter will help them discover treasures hidden in the sand.

Quut Ballo

The Quut Ballo is the best thing that has ever happened to beach toys. It is a bucket designed to let your child easily fill, carry, and run to and from the water to the sand. No handles breaking, no cries that it’s too heavy, with very little water spilling out. And the Ballo’s round shape and small opening makes it easy for little hand to hold and pour.

Quut Cuppi

The Quut Cuppi is a three piece shovel, sieve, and ball set. All pieces snap together for one compact beach toy with endless possibilities. Dig holes, trenches, and tracks for the ball or fill the scoop with water to draw and write in the sand as it runs out of the bottom. It’s also fun to play with in combination with Quut Ringo.

Have fun under the sun with these cool beach toys, and to see Quut’s full product line be sure to check out their website.  

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