R2 (without the D2) - First Humanoid Robot To Take Giant Leap For Mankind

NASA is coming close to giving birth to its first humanoid robot who will eventually call the International Space Station home. The launch of the 'android' (no, not the Google smartphone) in partnership with General Motors have designed Robonaut2 with a wide array of sensors and dexterous five finger hands to work along humans in space, or by itself in missions too dangerous for astronauts to handle.

Inspired in look by the kid's show 'Power Rangers' or the graphic novel and movie character, 'Iron Man,' the first Robonaut came into existence in 2004. According to a Popsci report, future generations of the model are "presumably looking more and more like Lance Hendrickson."

Before the bot is released for duty, most likely in September, it has to be tested in conditions of vacuum, low gravity, high radiation, and trained sensitivity to usual practices on board the the International Space Station. The latest video of R2's enhanced capabilities was just released.

Noboby has confirmed how R2D2 is taking the news about how an android with a similar name is upstaging him throughout the Galaxy - but the  last we heard, he and C3PO were entertaining offers from the Dark Side.

R2D2 & C3PO not happy!R2D2 & C3PO not happy!

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