Radiate Apparel Shows You What Muscles You're Working


If you had the opportunity to see what muscles you're working during training and which ones you're neglecting, you wouldn't pass that up? You would want to know whether or not you're actually training the muscles you intend to train. With Radiate Apparel's color-change technology, you can see the thermal energy from your muscles via your clothing.

Radiate ApparelRadiate Apparel

When you workout, your muscles produce thermal energy. Your veins expand, your muscles swell and your metabolism increases. All of these processes result from muscle exertion and all are indicators that you're doing something right in the gym--you're burning calories and getting stronger. Radiate Apparel allows you to see these results, which you don't really get a chance to do. 

Radiate Apparel is re-engineered NASA technology, designed to show you where your body is warmer. The technology changes the way electrons reflect light, allowing you to have an interactive experience with your athletic clothing. 

Radiate HoodieRadiate Hoodie

Not only does the Radiate fabric show you where your body is heating up, it also keeps you cool by moving warmth away from your body, and it wicks moisture. The Radiate fabric has the feel of silk, but is durable enough to withstand the toughest training sessions and sports. It is soil-resistant, anti-microbial and eco-friendly. 

This revolutionary new fitness apparel isn't yet available to consumers. Radiate's Kickstarter campaign was funded back in April, so that means you may see this line on the market soon, just not yet. Radiate is expected to put out, in addition to its long sleeved shirts, a short sleeved shirt, a hoodie and sleeves. You can check out more on Radiate Apparel on their Kickstarter page

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