Rage Room: Smash Random Objects, Not Your Husband, Following The Ashley Madison Controversy

It's pretty fun to smash things, and the world is catching onto the trend as businesses designed to help people relieve anger have been sprouting up like wildfire over the past few years. Smart entrepreneurs know that passive aggressiveness just isn't enough of a release for the frustrations of today's society, and they're giving people a fun and cathartic outlet. Today's technological advancements make services like this one more necessary than ever - especially following the Ashley Madison scandal.

Businesses of destruction aren't designed to cause havoc in the lives of its patrons or their associates. Instead, concepts like The Rage Room in Toronto give people a unique opportunity that they've likely never had before. Have you ever felt so angry you just feel like throwing something and watching it smash into a million pieces?

Don't lie; of course you have, and smash rooms around the world are counting on it. They know that most people don't want to destroy their personal belongings (or that of an unfaithful significant other) as that gets messy, expensive, and is just plain regrettable once the heat of the moment has passed.  I mean, replacing an individual plate from a set of eight is nearly impossible, and your dinner parties will just never be the same again when your place settings are mis-matched (and not in a fun, kitchy way either). 

So, businesses like The Rage Room are really doing us all a public service by giving us the opportunity to smash their things instead. For this favor they bestow on us, we simply have to pay $20 which provides access to a safe space to release all of our pent up rage. They even provide protective equipment, along with a baseball bat to make sure that the experience isn't ruined by a ceramic shard in the eyeball. The baseball bat, is of course just to enhance the experience, and might even help you avoid a criminal charge if you simply envision smashing your significant other's head in, as opposed to actually doing it. Five plates come with the basic Rage Room package, but anyone who needs a little something else to release pent up aggression can purchase from the a la carte menu. The selection of additional items includes wine glasses, vases, picture, chairs, undefined random objects, and more plates. 

Stress levels in America are at an all-time high, at least according to Americans themselves who report that they face stress above reasonable levels. Eighty percent of Americans also claim that their stress level has either increased or remained the same in the past year (and not in a positive context either). According to The American Psychological Institution around twenty percent of Americans also report having extreme levels of stress - signified by an eight, nine, or ten ranking on a ten point scale.

These numbers may continue to rise, as hackers are becoming more proficient at gaining access to personal data with the potential to destroy families, careers, and lives. With 38 million reported paid users, and data that clearly indicates that not all registered anonymously, Ashley Madison provides just one example of this. 

Although this particular concept is located in Canada, there are others in the United States as well, and these statistics prove that there's a high demand in North America. Perhaps even more so as personal information regarding subscribers to the Ashley Madison site (dating service for married cheaters) is being released online by hackers this week. Of course, in this more isolated situation there could also be a significant number of people enraged enough to seek an outlet to their stress. Among them may be those affiliated with US subscribers that signed up for accounts using .MIL and .GOV email addresses (13,000 of them, in fact), and Anna Duggar (wife of Josh Duggar from TLC's now cancelled 19 Kids and Counting, who has now been named in his second sexual scandal).

Regardless of the cause of stress, there's no denying that businesses like Smash Rooms offer an ideal, safe outlet to release rage without mess or murder charges. 

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Author note: this article is in no way meant to make light of the Ashley Madison scandal. Our thoughts are with the people and families that have been touched by it. 

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