Railroad Crossing Alarm Clock Signals the Stubbornly Sleepy

Railroad Crossing Alarm Clock makes your worst nightmares real!Railroad Crossing Alarm Clock makes your worst nightmares real!
If you've ever dreamed of being tied to the railroad tracks by some Snidely Whiplash-like ne'er-do-well, then The Railroad Crossing Alarm Clock from Banpresto is NOT for you.

Why? Because there's nothing like waking up from a scary dream, in a cold sweat with your heart pounding like a jackhammer... and STILL hearing the clanging bells  that warn of an oncoming freight train. Kinda makes the realization that you have to get up and go to work or school somewhat of a relief.

The Railroad Crossing Alarm Clock (due for release in January of 2009) is the latest in a series of weird and wacky wake-up aids from Banpresto and its competitors.

One wonders why Japanese salarymen & students have such a tough time waking up in the morning, though if you've ever slept in a cushy futon you'll know how comfy & cozy it can be. Why, it would take a freight train bearing down on me before, er, OK Banpresto, point proven.

Anyway, the clock may look like a toy but it's designed to be very practical. In addition to authentic Japanese train sounds pumped out through extra-large 40mm speakers, the clock features flashing LEDs, an alarm-stop button and a "snuz" button.

Here's the Railroad Crossing Alarm Clock in action...

States Banpresto on their online translation page, "That launching out into sound that everyone knew became the alarm of the thrill full marks. Railway fan, joke favorite gift, and associate Mr. Late riser, etc. who can worry. It is a new item of the impact that resounds in your such heart." Cool. Let's just hope it doesn't STOP your such heart in the midst of all that resounding.

The Railroad Crossing Alarm Clock costs 2,500 yen (about $27.92 or 19.55 Euros) but is currently sales priced at 2,375 yen about ($26.52 or 18.58 Euros) for those who join the waiting list. (via Japundit and 1999)

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