Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas Help You Stand Out in a Cloud

Rainy Day People who won't get you down!Rainy Day People who won't get you down!
Umbrellas don't just protect you from rain & sun, they also can be just plain fun! That's the idea behind these Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas from Japan.

Japan is a rainy country - the official Rainy Season is many weeks long and natives are nearly never caught without their trusty umbrella in hand. One way to stand out from the cloud, er, crowd of raincoated, brolly-toting commuters is with one of these ultra-cute mini umbrellas!

Available in 6 different designs, the Rain Parade collection is quite ingenious when you come to think about it.

Not much needs to be done to make an umbrella look like a person... the cinched and belted center section is already somewhat anthropomorphic (human-like).

The designers simply added a head to the end spike and a faux pair of rain boots to the base of the handle. Voila, a very cute bumbershoot!

The 6 styles include:

  •   glamorous girls in red or white
  •   a freckle-faced teen in green
  •   a traditional Japanese lady in an aqua kimono
  •   a golden Buddhist monk in an orange robe
  •   a grizzled sailor in navy blue

These cuter than cute mini umbrellas make great gifts though you'll want to keep at least one for yourself. The concept also opens possibilities for patio umbrellas, market umbrellas, golf umbrellas and other kinds of outdoor umbrellas. Standing out in a cloud has never been so much fun - and for just $30 each from Fredflare you'll be singin' in the rain like never before!

Jun 20, 2008
by Toby
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Oooh. These are so cool! Great find Steve!


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