Rainbow Highway Tunnel Is A Sight For Drivers' Sore Eyes

A soon-to-be-opened highway underpass in central China is a road course of a different color – 12 different shades to be exact. The 1,300-ft long “rainbow tunnel” looks good to be sure but its real purpose is to help drivers' eyes adjust from natural to artificial lighting and back again.

The Cheng Avenue rainbow tunnel (actually an underpass as it's really not all that deep comprises a central reinforced concrete structure with integral interior lighting not unlike standard highway infrastructure used worldwide.

Leading to and from the center section, however, are two stretches of Stonehenge-style “gates” spaced from 0.8 meters (2.625 ft) at the innermost to 27 meters (88,6 ft) at the outermost.

The color spectrum begins at deep blue where the tinted segments meet the central tunnel to pale violet at their outermost members. A total of 44 segments form the southern end of the project while just 40 comprise the northern end.

No formal announcement has yet been made concerning the official opening of the underpass but word of the project has already attracted numerous amateur and professional photographers. In addition, as the segments are painted on all sides it's easy to see the project in its rainbow-tinted entirety from a distance.

Beauty and safety have their price, however – the total cost of the project is estimated to be in excess of 100 million yuan or roughly $16 million. (via MSN/Eastday and China.com)