Rainbow In My Room Brings Magic To Any Kids' Space


Kids love color.  Just look at anything that is made for young children.  Playgrounds, classrooms, toys, books, furniture – it is all bright and vibrant.  Oftentimes, when you ask a child to draw you a picture they will include a large rainbow in their design.  As adults we don’t consciously focus so much on color, but we still take note of and appreciate the beauty of a rainbow when it appears.



Well now you can give your child a rainbow of his/her very own.  The Uncle Milton Rainbow in My Room is a projector that creates a colorful arch across any wall or ceiling.  This sounds like something that young kids would really enjoy.  You could even use it in place of a nightlight to help your child drift off to sleep.  It has an automatic shut-off so it won’t be on all night potentially waking them up, but can be re-activated with a swipe of a hand under the arc.



Even adults who need a little more color in their lives or who want to recapture some of those feelings of youth may want to try out this gadget. (See Rainbow in My Room).

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