Raise Your Kundalini With the Abyss Lamp

I am a sucker for cool lighting, without a doubt. I just feel that lighting is so important - it sets the mood, adds a certain element, makes a situation more memorable by setting the stage for important events to transpire. So that's why I have to introduce this ridiculously good-looking albeit somewhat unusual lamp available through Kundalini.

Look into the AbyssLook into the Abyss

Designed by Berlin-based Osko+Deichmann, Abyss is a sort of vertebrate structure that can take nearly any shape you desire. It is the newest addition to the Kundalini collection, and consists of injection-molded polycarbonate illuminated via a high voltage LED strip. Available in table and suspended versions, these amorphous lengths of glowing tentacles are there to indulge you in sculptural play, so long as the structure doesn't grow too high and collapse in on itself.

Kundalini has quite the selection of lighting you won't see just anywhere else. A few that I am particularly fond of include the Sama lamp, with its lasercut plexiglass shade; and the Shakti Sky, elongated elegantly across a horizontal plane. And keeping in line with the company name, I also dig their sanskrit titles, which seem to impart some esoteric knowledge on the unsuspecting observer (and here I realize I may not only be a sucker for good lighting, but also its marketing). Floor-standing La La Lamp and Yoga also offer up a strange bit of comic relief in the lighting world with their funky shapes and bold character.

sama lampsama lampshakti skyshakti sky









la la lampla la lamp







As several of these lamps are available in both suspended, floor and table versions, Kundalini's got your bases covered in terms of options.

In addition to their superior illumination offerings, they also have some other furniture worth checking out, like seating by Australian Brodie Neil.

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Sarah O
Innovative Interiors
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Feb 10, 2008
by Twizilla (not verified)

very cool design

I'm wondering it they sell it by the foot? "Hello, I'd like 17 feet of your lamp-rope product. No, wait. Make that 19 feet."

Feb 11, 2008
by Sarah O
Sarah O's picture

good question

It looks like the table version has a diameter of 110 cm, while the ceiling version has this for its specs:

"L 330cm diam 100cm - Spot H 25cm diam 10cm." 

Hope that helps! 

Feb 12, 2008
by Ioannis K. (not verified)

Lamp specs

diam 100cm
This means that the diameter of the lamp is 1m this is too big,
maybe there is a mistake at their brochure (same in their catalogue).
Or, the diameter they are giving is the diameter when you shape the lamp like a circle (circlet).