Raku-Raku “Easy Plug” Safely Unplugs With A Pinch Instead Of A Pull

Yo dawg, Japan's Konna Shop heard you wanted a safer way to unplug electrical plugs so they found a plug you can plug your plug into that unplugs with a pinch instead of a pull!

Thanks Xzibit, that meme never gets old but YOU will, faithful reader, and when you do you'll find many simple things have become more difficult... such as removing a plugged-in electrical cord from a wall outlet or power bar.

Now most of the time, plug prongs slip easily into and out of outlets. Then there are those grippy outlets that force you to wiggle the plug to get it free or yank on the cord itself – the latter a definite no-no. Wrangling with a reticent plug isn't safe: far too many injuries to persons and property are the result of electrical fires caused by sticky plugs and the tragedy is that many of these unfortunate incidents are now preventable.

Prevention comes in the form of the Raku-Raku Easy Plug, an ingenious device that ensures you'll never fight with a grabby plug again! Basically, the Easy Plug is a plug-like extension to the plug you want to plug into an electrical outlet.

The Easy Plug has two wing-like flanges jutting out from its sides: squeezing the flanges forces a non-conductive prong against the flat surface between the outlet slots, thus pushing the plug off the outlet in milliseconds.

Easy Plug also comes in a variety of colors, some with contrastingly tinted “ears”. This can be helpful when plugging more than one plug into a power bar – how often have you pulled out the wrong plug when trying to remove one plug from a bar filled with three, four or more? Get yours at Konna Shop's online seniors page, and tell 'em Xzibit sent you.