Ramos Alarm Clock: Get Up Or Get Up!


Alarm clocks are a pain in the butt. No one wants to get up in the morning, or they wouldn't need an alarm clock, would they?  That's why we all have snooze buttons on our alarm clocks, because we need one more chance to be late. Ineffective as snooze alarms are for many, engineer Paul Sammut has created a new version of the alarm clock, one that never shuts up!


The Ramos Alarm Clock: image via tomsguide.comThe Ramos Alarm Clock: image via tomsguide.com


... That is, unless you get out of bed and go into another room where you have a 'control panel,' a telephone-style keypad that requires you to punch in the current date before it shuts off your alarm.  So, not only do you have to get out of bed to shut off the Ramos Alarm, which is reportedly annoying as anything you can imagine, you have to be alert enough to figure out what day it is.


Ramos Clock keypad control: image via tomsguide.comRamos Clock keypad control: image via tomsguide.com


Sammut needed the Ramos Alarm to get out of bed when he got his first job out of school.  Thanks to a friend, who helped Sammut present his alarm clock to the readers of Kickstarter, Sammut was able to form a business to produce the Ramos Alarm for others to use.  Commercial production begins as I write, and Sammut expects to fulfill existing orders by the end of summer, 2012. 

Sammut gets to work on time these days.

"Now I wake up before it goes off," Sammut told the Associated Press. "I subconsciously fear it and know I have to get up."

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