Range Rover Hits The Road On Bike

I suppose it isn't that big of a surprise that Range Rover developed a bicycle. After all, other luxury car companies like BMW and Lexus have done the same. What is surprising, though, is that it's chosen a road bicycle; a mountain bike seems like it would have been more of a logical move for the SUV company.


Instead, Land Rover chose to focus its experience in engineering a bicycle it calls the Range Rover Evoque, a name that it shares with its newest and smallest model. Like any good ultralight concept bike, the Evoque is planted on an F1-inspired carbon fiber monocoque frame. That frame is built by Karbona and is complemented with lightweight components such as a carbon fiber handlebar stem, carbon fiber fork, aero-profiled carbon fiber wheels, and aerospace alloy handlebars. In addition to shedding weight, the bike's components are designed to maximize aerodynamics. 

As far as its drivetrain, the Evoque is a 20-gear model with a Shimano Ultegra system. 

The concept bike was built for the Geneva Motor Show by Land Rover's design team.

Head of the team Gerry McGovern describes the inspiration for the bike: "I wanted to create the ultimate accessory for the Range Rover Evoque – and what could be more perfect than an utterly contemporary, beautifully designed, bespoke Evoque bike. Like the Range Rover Evoque, the bike not only looks fantastic but is precision engineered for ultimate performance."

What could be better? Well perhaps an utterly contemporary, beautifully designed, bespoke mountain bike that plays upon Land Rover's bread and butter: rugged, off-road driving. Seems obvious. 

Don't expect to see the Range Rover Evoque at your local bike dealer--or Land Rover dealership--any time soon; it seems to be strictly concept. That's okay; a Range Rove' on 7 'undreds just doesn't have the same ring as a Range Rove' on twenty fo's. 

 Range Rover Evoque SquaredRange Rover Evoque Squared

Land Rover via Born Rich