Rapid Hammock Is A Stronger, More Adjustable Hammock

Rapid HammockRapid Hammock

Erik Pancy of Rapid Designs couldn't find a hammock that was portable but also strong enough for his needs, so he decided to make his own. Rapid Designs' claims their hammock, the Rapid Hammock, is the "fastest, strongest and most portable lightweight hammock you'll ever use."

The Rapid Hammock is capable of holding 450 pounds, so you can share. It will fit two adults comfortably, but you can always try to pile the family into this hammock. 

Made with 40D ripstop nylon, the Rapid Hammock isn't just strong; it's lightweight as well. The entire hammock kit (straps, buckles, shoulder harness and all) only weighs about 1.5 pounds. 

Rapid Hammock Is Small And LightweightRapid Hammock Is Small And Lightweight

The Rapid Hammock comes with a Double-Barrel Stuff Sack, which allows you to keep the hammock and straps attached and in the same case. The DBS Sack also has an integrated shoulder strap, which makes the whole system incredibly portable. That shoulder strap doubles as a compression strap that lets you compress the Rapid Hammock to grapefruit size. 

Setting Up Rapid HammockSetting Up Rapid Hammock

The Rapid Hammock employs a "RapidStrap Suspension System." This system includes two straps and four fully-adjustable cinch buckles. There are two buckles stitched into the straps and two attached to the hammock itself. With this system, you can quickly strap to a tree and adjust your hang. 

With this built-in suspension system, you can set up your Rapid Hammock in about 30 seconds, without going back and forth between lines. You can set up your hammock in between trees, pillars, gates, different types of architecture or just about anything else you can strap to. 

The Rapid Hammock comes in five colors, however this convenient mode of lounging in the outdoors isn't yet available. Rapid Hammock just ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and is set to start production on the hammocks, and you can visit their website to pre-order your own.