The Raptor Is Like No Other Football (Because It's More Like A Plane)

Raptor FootballRaptor Football

There is no official record of the longest football (American football) throw. People point to NFL quarterbacks, like Vinny Testaverde, who've chucked the ball 80-90 yards, but has anyone thrown a football 100 yards? If they've thrown the Raptor Football, they have.

The Raptor Football is the world's first flying football. If you ask me, that makes it more of a plane or glider than a football. Nonetheless, the Raptor's designers call it a football, and they even gave it a pointy football nose to prove it. 

Raptor FeaturesRaptor Features

The designers do admit that they blended the designs of a football and glider to create the Raptor, so they're not trying to pull one over on us by showing us a mini plane and calling it a football. Despite the fact that this "football" has two wings, an aluminum alloy frame shaft (how many footballs are made of aluminum) and is as big as one of those remote controlled planes, it looks like a ton of fun. Just check out the video below.

The designers of the Raptor Football certainly have redefined the game of catch. Rather than rely on brute force, as you would when throwing a normal football, the Raptor allows you to get the distance with a little finesse and technique. 

The Raptor can also withstand a crash, or multiple crashes. In the game of catch, there are always times when you miss and the ball falls to the ground. This doesn't pose a threat to the equipment, because normal footballs literally bounce back from impact. The Raptor, with it's wings and frame, is more susceptible to damages. However, it has been through about four years of development and testing to ensure it won't break on impact after a 100 yard throw. 

You won't find the Raptor on the market just yet. The makers of the Raptor are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for mass production. You can find out more information or reserve your own Raptor on their Kickstarter site