Rapunzel Descending System Gets You Out Of Hairy Situations

When it comes to getting off the roofs of burning highrises, odds of survival are often poor. Now, with the Rapunzel descending device, trapped workers have a more than a hairsbreadth chance of making it to safety.

The Rapunzel concept is the brainchild of Sin Sun Ho, who has no doubt seen the pains that firemen and their engines go through to reach those trapped on the top of tall towers and buildings set aflame. Most ladder trucks will have a maximum height of seven to ten stories, but those numbers can quickly plummet if there is a strong wind or a great deal of smoke, and for those trapped just out of reach on the the eleventh floor of a building, a wavering ladder one story below can seen miles out of reach.

Fortunately, the installation of a Rapunzel system on each floor could solve this paniced problem. A small canister, the Rapunzel need only be installed to a fixed point in the building near a window or ledge for use. Again, this needs to be a fixed point. Fixed. As in will not come loose, or the Rapunzel turns from lifesaver to thrill-seeker with a quick and decisive end.

Once installed the Rapunzel simply has to be grabbed to start working. A trapped soul places their hand up inside the canister and grips the handle inside, while a cloth strap helps to keep the hand tight and in place. Slowly, they lower themselves out over the edge of the building as the high-tension cable in the Rapunzel spools out, dropping them inch by inch to safety.

Grab that handle: and get down that golden stair.Grab that handle: and get down that golden stair. 

Sure, this isn't exactly a "first-choice" option, but if the only other one is "burn to death in a building", most people would be up for trying the fictional character's real-life representation to get out of their wicked and confining tower.

The documentation mentions nothing about re-usability, but we hope that the device can be retracted and spooled up for another use, or office-mates may become deadly combatants as they fight for the use of this virtual hair descent system. We're also a bit concerned about arms being jarred out of sockets or sudden drops, but again, this isn't something that's going to be used in lieu of an elevator - this is for crunch time, people.

With the number of skyscrapers ever increasing but building construction often going to the lowest bidder, we're fairly certain that Sin Sun Ho may have a winner with his tribute to the golden-haired maiden of fairy tale.

Source: Tuvie