Rat Pro X Gaming Mouse Boasts Swappable Sensors

The excitable press release proclaims it “the most advanced gaming mouse in the world”, and the Mad Catz Rat Pro X (officially R.A.T. PROX), on paper, seems deserving of the title. The mouse inherits the adjustable sizing of the original Rat series and makes the sensor, wheel texture, and other parts swappable. It aims to be the perfect gaming mouse, but I can also see the Pro X being solid for productivity.



The swappable Modular Sensor Units slot into a bay at the bottom of the mouse. Optical and laser options, each with their own advantages, are mentioned, with the hint of more in the future. This also looks useful for easy repairs if your sensor goes kaput. Meanwhile, there are three scrollwheel tire styles included in the box, and the click force of the wheel is adjustable.



Said wheel also supports analog horizontal scrolling, which Mad Catz suggests for strafing in FPSs and precision control of crafts in space flight sims. No surprise that this “analogue strafe” feature should also be useful for navigating in desktop publishing and pro photo editing.



Apart from that, there appear to be swappable palm, thumb, and pinkie rests, plus changeable bottom plates, with a couple of variations of each included, and the whole thing's fashioned out of a magnesium alloy. About the only thing that can't be changed is the neon green paint; there's no word if other color options will be available.

Mad Catz says to expect the Rat Pro X to begin hitting store shelves in the spring. I've asked the firm for info on pricing and color options and will update this post when I get it.