Rathaus: Zurich's First Bike Up Cafe

Cities around the world have been encouraging locals to embrace cycling in lieu of contributing to RathausRathausenvironmental pollution by driving. Businesses have also been embracing this growing trend, offering a number of convenient services to cyclists. The latest one has to be among the most innovative yet.

Rathaus is a cafe in Zurich, Switzerland. It sits on a picturesque riverbank where anyone can come and relax, enjoy a drink and some fresh-baked goods. The cafe also happens to serve alcoholic beverages to add a little bit of extra indulgence.

But the intriguing part about this unique cafe is not what's on the menu. It's the way they've approached the setup of their seating. The inside of the cafe is small and traditional. But, outside is a sprawling patio, and the seating is far more innovative than simple tables and chairs.

Zurich is a city that has become extremely cyclist-friendly, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they've introduced the first bike up cafe. They accomplish this by offering special seating on the patio that allows bikers to pull right up on their bikes for refreshments. 

The unusual table features a slit that the front tire fits into so it remains secure while each cyclist enjoys their snack.  The top of the table fits conveniently over their lap as well to keep the experience tidy.

What do you think of this bicycle business?

Pictures via: Rathaus Facebook Page

Via: Neatorama