Rawstudio Brings Flava to Your Furniture

Hip hop legends 2Pac and Biggie can finally have a place of honor in your home, now immortalized as sustainably sourced, wooden furniture. Diddy's in that mix, too, but for now he's just got a bench named after him. Poor Diddy...

2pac and Biggie, co' chillin'2pac and Biggie, co' chillin'


The folks down at UK-based Rawstudio are definitely the innovative types. And it seems they have a sense of humor as well, immortalizing hiphop legends 2Pac and Biggie by naming their chair and bench after them. Made from sustainably sourced, Forest Stewardship Council exterior birch plywood, the 2pac chair arrives in seventeen pieces for you to hammer together with a mallet. The design is pretty straightforward as it's only two shapes, so even the constructively challenged can assemble it with ease. And you guessed it - the Biggie bench is a bit larger and can comfortably seat two, but will accommodate three in a pinch (preferably all fly ladies, no doubt).

hang outhang out

Their hanging chairs are just as cool. These babies come fully strung and ready to go, folding flat while shipped and stored which saves packing material as well as space. They are available in the same sustainably sourced birch plywood or a darker marine ply. Cushions are also available to order, and look like a wise investment, unless, of course, you prefer discomfort.

deck out your homedeck out your home

And then, if you really want to get crazy, you could opt for their very bizarre-looking Exdeck chair, made from four skateboard decks -- possibly your own, if you have them. This might win you big ups from your crew, but once again, comfort is debatable. This one is made to order and delivered to you ready for assembly.

So, "if you don't know, now ya know" where your flatpacked, eco-friendly hip-hop and streetsmart furniture needs can be met. Don't stop, get it, get it!

Sources: Swissmiss and Rawstudio


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