Raytheon's Killer Bee Unmanned Aircraft

Ever since the military realized the benefits of using unmanned aircraft, there has been a race to build the most up-to-date UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), with the winner receiving a government contract. Raytheon has been working on a design for quite some time and finally showed it to the world.

The Killer Bee was designed with the intention of replacing the current ScanEagle being utilized by the US Marine Corps and Navy. The requirements were few, but very hard ot achieve in some cases. Both branches wanted something portable, easy to launch and capable of flying for at least 10 hours while navigating on its own.

Although the ScanEagle meets all of these, Raytheon clams the Killer Beeis better suited. It offers a longer flight time and over 100 miles of range. The bent tip of the wings solves both the problem of antennae placement as well as giving more stability during tight turns. The Bee also has a higher payload capacity and more impressive arsenal.

Killer Bee and Launch PodKiller Bee and Launch Pod

It can track objects both during the day and after dark by using a system of live video and Infrared sensors. It can also fire precision guided munitions by using an on-board laser for target designation.

The military is expecting a final decision by June or July of this year with the first combat missions being in early 2011.

Via : Defense Update

Mar 27, 2008
by Anonymous

How does it land?

Looking at it, it's hard to tell where the landing gear is. Does it flip over to land?

Mar 28, 2008
by Anonymous

Raytheon PR

I don't think it is the PR so much as liberal interpretation by editors. I saw the orignial article that this one was derived from, and Raytheon gave Swift Engineering credit for the Killer Bee. Raytheon is more likely acting as an integrator of systems and is choosing the best components they can find.
The launcher shown in the second image is made by BAI. The sensors, links, transponder, etc, are all probably off the shelf items. Since Raytheon builds the control stations for the Global Hawk and Fire Scout, that is probably the big Raytheon technical contribution. The Killer Bee is going to have a large payload capacity and endurance. If the reliability can be proven, then it will be a formidable program.

Mar 29, 2008
by Anonymous

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