Raz War: Razor Blade Subscription Service For The Man Who Won’t Leave Home

Razor blades can be a great expense and for those men who just can't seem to plan ahead or avoiding hitting up the stores at all costs, there can be some impulsive shopping trips when they realize that their razor blade just isn't going its job anymore. With this in mind, a new UK-based company has come up with a service that addresses all of these needs.

Raz War is razor blade subscription service. Upon signup, men receive a complete shaving kit, including travel case and razor, and then every 4 months they are shipped a fresh supply of razor blades so they're always on hand when needed; so impulsive and desperate trips to the local drug store in deference to razor burn. For 27.50 EURO subscribers can receive 30 razor blades per year, delivered right to their door; or 75 EURO for 90 annual blades.

It's no shocker that many men would do just about anything to avoid shopping - and Raz War is the perfect service to make sure that they never have to, even on their quest for a face as soft as a baby's butt!

Via: Springwise