Razer Firefly Mousepad Lights Desks With Any Of 16.7 Million Colors

Adding to its line of Chroma gaming peripherals with RGBLED lights, Razer has announced its Firefly gaming mousepad. An array of LEDs beneath the surface light the edges of the Firefly with any of 16.7 million different colors, and software control allows for things like animated light shows.



The Firefly plugs in through USB, and Razer's Synapse software can apparently allow syncing with other Razer Chroma series devices. This applies to some of the animations, as well, with at least the "Reactive" and "Wave" presets being able to co-ordinate with other Chroma peripherals.

What's supposed to, in Razer's words, compliment one's gaming experience looks like it would, instead, be really distracting, but it's hard to doubt it looks cool.



The 14 x 10" pad itself features an "enhanced reflective quality" and "micro-textured finish" for "rapid in-game responsiveness". That bump on the front of the Firefly looks like it would interfere with mouse cords, though. Wireless mice owners should have no problems.



In any case, Razer are allowing pre-orders of its Firefly at its online store, with shipping-out on June 2nd. The asking price? $59.99 USD.