Razer Forex Speakers Make Mighty Mobile Music A Reality

From Razer, the maker of all things gaming peripheral, comes a new way to get great sound for those on the go - the Forex speaker set.

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular as high-end desktop manufacturers seek to cater to the tastes of their "play anywhere" clientele. New wireless technology and 4G networks allow even MMORPG games to be played almost anywhere and many younger gamers are choosing a portable solution over an under-the-desk option.

Unfortunately, despite the power present in many of these mobile machines, they often come with audio options that sound little better than store-bought greeting cards with electronic recordings inside.

Thankfully, Razer, a high-quality gaming peripheral company responsible for some of the best wireless mice in the industry, took up the challenge of creating an on the move solution that actually produced a decent sound. The result of their work is the Forex set of speakers that can be plugged into any device with a 3.5mm audio jack and that come with their own carrying case.

Razer Forex: tiny and powerful.Razer Forex: tiny and powerful. 

At only 70mm x 70mm x 53-64mm, these speakers are a tiny, tiny complement to a mobile gaming arsenal. But can they deliver? According to Razer, hell yes. Running on a 12-hour battery length with included LED indicator, the Forex speakers are intended to hit both the highs and lows of epic sound generation. How? With the use of built-in expanding base resonator chambers that account for the variance in height of the device. As the bass pumps, the Forex will oscillate between 53 and 64 mm in height in order to produce the best bass possible.

For $59.99 US and with same-day shipping, the Forex speaker set is an inexpensive way to add great sound to a powerful gaming machine.

Source: Razer