Girlfriends Across the Nation Grab Fly Swatters To Fight Off RC Dragonfly

Generally the idea of a giant flying bug freaks me out.  This comes from spending most of my life in Florida, home of the Palmetto Bug—an extremely large flying cockroach that smells like turpentine when you crush it… if you can catch it.  And they fly at your face.


But I have to admit that I find this cool:

Hope it doesn't bite...Hope it doesn't bite...

This is the WowWee Robotic Dragonfly, and while it’s not a robot in any sense of the word, it is quite a neat remote controlled flying machine.

Anyone who has read the Dune books by Frank Herbert has a fondness for the ornithopter, a flying machine with wings that flutter like a bird—or a dragonfly.  That is essentially what this toy is: an example of nature interpreted by man into the form of a machine.  And it works.

Made of Styrofoam, wire, and plastic, the dragonfly maneuvers via a duel wing design.  The body is flexible, in hopes of avoiding damage incurred by crashes.  Due to its light weight, it is recommended for indoor use.  But if the weather conditions allow, this little guy can soar outside with no issues.  A two channel digital remote allows the user to control its movements and speed.

Rechargeable batteries are recommended by some users, with roughly six minutes of flight per charge.

I would recommend warning your girlfriend about this thing if you plan on flying it in the house.  A fly swatter would crush it nicely.

If you plan on scaring her with it, best practice evasive maneuvers first…

The WowWee Robotic Dragonfly can be found at Amazon.
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