RC Japanese Style Toilet Runs Away When You Come Running

If you thought the only roll in the bathroom dispensed paper, get ready to have your mind boggled. The Benki RC Japanese Style Toilet from Nigiwai-Showten takes the traditional Japanese squat toilet to a new, lower level by reducing its size, adding wheels and making it remote control operated. 

What's next, a miniature RC modern washlet-equipped toilet that sprays passersby with a retractable bidet while blasting faux flush audio with an onboard embarrassment-preventing Sound Princess? Awesome!! First things first, however – the Benki RC Japanese Style Toilet may be the start of an entire range of historical Nipponese porcelain thrones but for the time being it has this rather unique market niche all to itself.

Japanese squat toilets are rapidly fading from Japan's bathrooms but there are still plenty of them around, especially if you venture off the beaten track. The average Western tourist can expect to be horrified by encountering one at least once in their travels, which explains why so many visitors are happy to hide in their hotel rooms ordering $8 cups of coffee from room service.

Like 'em or not, squat toilets are a cultural phenomenon ranking with those infamous German and Dutch “observation deck” commodes... if you've never had the opportunity to use one, consider yourself lucky. As for Japanese squat toilets, the only good thing about them is that they're securely fastened to the floor. Thanks very much, Nigiwai-Showten, for ruining that for everyone.

As an illustration of just what the Benki RC Japanese Style Toilet can do, check out this hilarious in-house (as opposed to outhouse) video. Should these guys really be having so much fun when they're supposed to be working? Yes, yes they should – at Nigiwai-Showten, this IS working.

You'll need 4 AA-batteries for “The Urinal”, as Nigiwai-Showten kindly puts it, and another 2 AA-batteries for the controller. Curiously, the fine print states this item was designed for ages 15 and up when we all know that anyone aged at least 5 is gonna thing this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The fun doesn't stop if you're over the legal drinking age, since the Benki RC Japanese Style Toilet is the best way ever to ferry beer or other canned/bottled refreshments across the dorm room.

At this point you're probably banging down the door trying to get one of these things, or maybe there's some other reason you're banging down the door. Whatever, the Benki RC Japanese Style Toilet costs just 1,191 yen or around $12.50 each, and they can be ordered online at the Nigiwai-Showten product page at Rakuten.